How to Order

To place an order, please send me an email to, in the email please:

  • attach a photo of the subject
  • include the number of subjects(people, pets or other)
  • include preferred size and type of portrait(oil painting, B&W charcoal or colour pastel drawing)

The pricing page should give you a rough estimate based on size, type and subject.

I will review the photo, then reply you with an estimate on the time and cost. Once you decide to go with the portrait order, the next step is to arrange the deposit payment(50%). The most convenient method to pay me is to send an Interact E-transfer from your bank’s website to my email address. Alternatively, we may schedule a time and place to meet in person for the deposit if that’s your preference.

Generally each charcoal or pastel portrait is finished within 7 days after I receive your deposit payment. Oil paintings can take between 2 to 4 weeks. I can email you a photo of the finished portrait. We will meet up in person for pickup if you are local; if not, a shipping rate(depending on distance) is required to be paid on top of the remaining balance.

Would like to hear from you soon! =)

– Liang Shao

Specialized in oil paintings, charcoal/pastel sketch drawings from photos since 2003