Picture Talk – the Story Book Maker

Personalize a fun and interactive story for your child with Picture Talk – the story book maker!

Designed for parents to personalize interactive presentations with audio and text for young children, Picture Talk consists of interfaces for editing and viewing. The editing interface is designed for parents. Select an image from the photo album or take a photo via camera, and then record your voice to attach to various spots in the image. For example, an image of a group of animals can make an interesting presentation for babies. Quickly make a button on top of each animal, label it with text and record the corresponding audio description, you have a story page ready for your children to interact with. Parents can encourage children to touch the interesting objects in the picture. The recorded voice will play while the annotated text animates, and your child will have a fun time learning the word and sound by imitating. This is a great exercise to aid your child’s speech development.

Picture Talk allows parents to personalize simple audio book like presentations for young children. With Picture Talk, it is easy to turn a children’s paper book into interactive audio book!

app-store-iconAvailable in iTunes App store now: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/picture-talk-story-book-maker/id438549153?mt=8

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