Many of my past clients have expressed how happy they are with the artwork I made for them:

painting - MassadeghFrom Mohammad:

Thanks again for the painting, it looks absolutely terrific and I’m happy with it as always. I would love to see some paintings that you have produced on your own sometime as well, I’m sure that they are just wonderful given your creative artistic genius.

painting - MarxFrom an arts professor at SFU:

Her paintings are certainly good likenesses of the subjects — no mistaking who she was painting! Portraiture is not easy, but she has captured not merely the likenesses but something else — the determination and the humanity of these historic persons. She seems to have no problem in capturing the personality of the subject.
I would encourage her to do more portraits. She is doing these from photos, but if she were to paint living people from life models, there would be more challenge, and she would develop more than she has the sensitivity and depth needed to do portraits.
Anyway, her talent should not be ignored. She should be encouraged to pursue and develop it.

IMG_8876From Dr. Steven Aung

Dear Liang, I want to personally thank you for creating such excellent works for my recent 70th birthday celebration. My brothers Tony and Victor and my daughter Florence selected well when they chose you to paint these displays. I myself am an artist and regularly paint Chinese calligraphy and ink paintings, so I can appreciate excellent work when I see it. I will treasure these works for years to come and look forward to showcasing them at my house and clinic. Perhaps we will cross paths in the future during one of my Vancouver trips.

From Tami:

Hi Liang, I just wanted to let you know that the picture you painted of Hannah hangs above her piano. Hannah’s brother and sister are amazed at how you captured her in the painting 😊 and of course Nicky is very thankful to you as well…this is a very cherished piece of art and everyone agrees that it feels as if Hannah has returned home ever since the painting was put up😊😊

Specialized in oil paintings, charcoal/pastel sketch drawings from photos since 2003